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Some of the world’s wealthiest people grow their wealth by investing in business acquisitions.

Ray Kroc bought McDonalds.

Elon Musk bought Tesla.


Because business acquisitions have the best risk adjusted returns of any asset because instead of pouring time and money into a business that may not work out you can just buy a business that’s already profitable and enjoy the cash flow from day one.

According to our research on average business acquisitions can produce:

  • 8X higher income than stocks
  • 3.51X higher income than bonds
  • 3.64X higher income than real estate

That’s why our team has been a part of the acquisition and growth of well over 100 companies in dozens of different industries over the past 40 years and now we help wealthy individuals like you invest in business acquisitions so you can grow your wealth and impact.

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What makes our investment fund different?

Profit From Day 1

The businesses are already profitable so we can get you over a 21% annual return without growing the business.

Our Criteria

We typically buy smaller businesses because they produce better returns than the ones most funds target. This makes our fund’s performance much better than the average fund.

Aligned Incentives

We don’t make a penny of profit until we give you a 6% return first and after that we make a percentage of profit so in order for us to make more money we have to make you more money.


Small businesses are the heart and soul of communities. They provide a  vast amount of products, services, and jobs that people need. When you invest with Abundant Culture Fund you’re supporting that foundation. It’s the best way to make a return and impact.

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